Will You Remember?

Friday is Remembrance Day, a day that we remember our fallen soldiers.  I am grateful that in my lifetime there has never been a ‘Great War’.  As a mother, I am grateful that my son has never had to serve in the Armed Forces to protect and defend the freedom that so many of us take for granted.  Both of my grandfathers served in a World War and one of my uncles served in the Korean War. If men (and now women) had not fought for our freedom. I would probably not be writing this blog.

I have been privileged to know a number of soldiers, both officers and enlisted men and women.  Their dedication to their duty to serve where needed is impressive.  There have been many stories of Armed Forces personnel that have stepped over the line and brought disgrace to the uniform that they wear, however, they are the exceptions.  Our lives in this country and in many countries around the world would be vastly different without the actions of our soldiers.  To the many who have served faithfully, I say thank you for protecting my right to express opinions, for protecting my family from tyrants and despots who would have destroyed our way of life.

To those of you who disparage our soldiers, who try to minimize the benefit of having an armed force for protection, to you I say shame…you would not have the privilege of saying anything if not for the actions of our soldiers.  Those of you who are currently involved in the Occupy movement would have already been arrested and possibly executed as traitors  in world that had not had the protection of soldiers who believe in the right of the people to have the freedoms that our world offers.

This Friday,take two minutes of your time at 11am to remember our soldiers, past and present.  Take a vet out for coffee, pay for his gas at the local gas station, take the time to say thank you.  Our soldiers deserve our respect and thanks.  They are doing a job that most of us would not and could not do.

Thank you soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces…I am grateful for your sacrifices.

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