Changes, Transitions and Transformations

It has been just a little over a month now that my son set up this website and blog for me. He insists that I need this blog because he is sure that I have something worthwhile to say and that many of you will be interested in my life stories and opinions.  Pretty neat coming from a kid who, for many years, insisted that I had nothing to offer him in the way of wisdom!  All right…he is a grown up now, but it is still impressive that I somehow managed to instill in my child that everyone has something to say, whether we agree with them or not.

So, I am finally sitting down and writing something… I would first like to point out that, as a single mom, I am so totally proud of my son.  He has somehow managed to survive my mangled parenting skills to achieve an Honours BA from university and is now working on his Masters degree.  He is also becoming something of a mover and shaker in the local community, and enjoying every minute of it.  His newest project is the Movember fundraiser.  His team is looking for donations… you can donate here

The other thing that my son would like me to blog about right now is my journey to becoming a non smoker.  This has not been an easy task since I have been a smoker for almost 40 years.  It is interesting to see how many things I associate with smoking and also a challenge to find other things to do instead of smoking.  I began the journey to a smoke-free life on September 14th, the day after my brother’s birthday.  I had finished my last package of cigarettes the day before and now I just refuse to buy any more cigarettes.  I have been using music as a way to control some of the cravings and also reminding myself that ‘I can do anything, I can handle anything’.  Helen Reddy’s song lyrics for ‘I am Woman’ has also played a part in this journey and  have helped me to stay strong.  I also came to the realization that there is never a “good” time to give up cigarettes…there will always be something that allows me to make excuses for not throwing cigarettes away, and that is exactly what they are…excuses.  I am not allowing myself the luxury of using excuses to keep on smoking, and now is as good a time to get rid of the habit of smoking as any other time.  So far, it has not been too painful a transition, but I am concerned because I have not experienced many of the cravings, etc., that you hear about from others that have tried to stop smoking.  I am also WAY too cheerful for someone who is not smoking any more (you will notice that I am not using the word “quit” when describing my non smoking efforts.  That is because ‘Winners never quit’).  I am afraid that at some point I will lose all control and lash out at someone, but then again, maybe I am just ready to change my life.  Changing my life is something that I really need to do now that my son is a grown up and able to look after himself.  It is now time for me to build a life of my own without restrictions or needs that are not mine.  The first step is a healthier lifestyle and making fewer excuses for not changing something.  My mantra right now is: “If you don’t like what you are getting, change what you are doing”.





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